Magic Bus

Magic Bus is one of the pioneer NGOs in the education and skilling space in India. Founded in Mumbai in 1999. Magic Bus works with young people living in poverty, taking them from a childhood full of challenges to a life with meaningful livelihoods.

We conducted six days of on-field  training in four blocks of Chandrapur, Maharashtra in September 2023, training a total of 182 individuals. This training program centered around gender concepts, video production skills, and the creation of gender-based video content. The video production segment covered filming rules, shot types, composition, and interview techniques. Participants learned how to identify gender-related stories and create short videos, with a focus on storytelling.

 The training also focused on video editing using smartphones, specifically the KineMaster application  and its basic tools. Participants learned about effective use of social media, including Facebook and content publishing, titles, descriptions, and tagging. 

The training equipped participants with knowledge about gender issues, video production skills, and the capacity to use social media effectively to address gender-related concerns.

Ipas Development Foundation

Founded in 2008, Ipas Development Foundation (IDF) is dedicated to improving the sexual & reproductive health (SRH) of women & girls (including preventing and managing unwanted pregnancies). Our programs include public health system strengthening; technical assistance to the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare; policy research and advocacy; community outreach; monitoring and evaluation.

‘Their Vision, Their Voice’ is a pilot project under which the IDF initiated  a digital campaign with rural youth to disseminate SRH information and promote  helpline and chatbot support services. IDF  leveraging existing pool of community-based Youth Leaders in the creation of culturally-relevant videos – made by young people, about young people, and for young people on SRH.   IDF contracted  VPL  to  provide offline training to 14  rural youth on video making. The four-day training program included video recording, video editing, maintaining video quality, adding structure to video content and writing scripts.

SEWA Bharat

Since 2004, SEWA in West Bengal has been transforming the lives of informal women workers engaged as handloom weavers, beedi rollers, and domestic workers. SEWA is committed to investing in the youth of SEWA’s communities through programmes that provide skills, confidence, social and professional networks, and mentorship and Supporting youths from rural communities to engage with community issues and learn employable skills.

SEWA West Bengal team, requested VPL to conduct one day training to their  youth group members. VPL organized a one-day training on 20th March 2023  for the youth associated with SEWA in Phulia on video documentation to enable them to facilitate information dissemination, reporting, networking creatively, and reaching out to a wider audience.


UWEUS is a IT solutions and customized software provider company in India. UWEUS design, engineer and execute large scale experiential technology projects for Government & Private businesses and impart ready-to-deploy solutions for museums, cultural entities, tourism industry, e-governance, and metaverse.

UWEUS contracted VPL to culturally mapp the rural parts of India (villages) and create Audio-Visual documentary style videos  for 20 Villages in Bihar. 

Overall Work Done By VPL- 

  • Audio Visual Films – Five 5.50 minute videos that showcases the village in an informative and aesthetic way. The AV included drone shots,  the village (houses / landscapes/ cultural aspects / handicrafts / people / places to visit etc. ) and Interviews of village officials / locals. 
  • 360 photos from 20 villages. 

Purpose ( Leading Purpose Campaigns India Private Limited)

In Bengaluru, Purpose, along with two other partners – VPL and Slum Jagathu, created a coalition around the city’s informal sector that enables them to participate in the creation and implementation of climate policies that matter to them. Rather than duplicate the work being done by and with the informal sector in the city, Purpose aims to strengthen and convene creative, knowledge, and community partners to work towards a common purpose. 

Slum Jagathu is a not-for-profit print magazine, published and edited by Isaac Arul Selva. The magazine was launched in 2000. The 20 page magazine is entirely the handiwork of slum-dwellers. It has regular columns, features, photographs, interviews and news analyses on issues affecting slum-dwellers.

VPL conducted a 10 days’ module based  training for 55 men and women living in urban slums of Bangalore. The objective of the training was to skill the participants on mobility, climate change and gender issues. Training focused on short video  production, social media distribution and community mobilization, video editing, YouTube channel management and  reel video production on  Facebook / Instagram and content publishing, titles, descriptions, with tagging.

Video Volunteers

Video Volunteers is a global organization dedicated to advancing the right to voice. It envisions a world where the lived experience knowledge of marginalized communities is centered, communities feel heard and there is diversity in all platforms that carry or amplify voices. Video Volunteers is one of the pioneers in ‘amplifying community voices’ and one of the only organizations in the world exclusively focused on community voice. Over the last 20 years, it has designed multiple community voice models that have been implemented by organizations in several countries. It’s current focus is on applying Platform Thinking to develop new ways to aggregate, understand and scale citizen insight.

VPL sources community produced content from rural and urban poor areas of India for Video Volunteers and provides technical backend support in social media dissemination the content.