About Us

We are  a professional video and content production, design and communications company. We have a well-equipped studio, skilled editors and designers, talented producers and cinematographers, creative writers, researchers and social media wizards and a passion for all things film, content and design. Be it promoting your brand over social media, researching the script for your next documentary, designing your newsletter, editing your film or writing an article for your website, we do  it all.

Voicelogue is a young ambitious company based in Goa. It is the one of the only firms in the country with expertise in content creation at the base of the pyramid and with an understanding of the newest technologies that can work in a developing country context. It is a specialist in content creation with extensive contacts and networks in rural areas and an understanding of that audience, that we can leverage for our clients. 

We are a company on the rise with more than 30 staff and consultants working from several locations.


Voicelogue transcends media boundaries, fostering transformation through innovation, authentic connections, and social impact, uniting cultures and continents.


Voicelogue reshapes media by merging video production, design, and communication, empowering narratives, expanding reach, and elevating brand equity.